Get automatic updates for the dependencies your package manager can't handle.

ReleaseHawk automatically creates pull requests as soon as your GitHub or file dependencies are updated.

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  • Automatic, real-time dependency updates.
  • Support for GitHub releases, commits and tags.
  • Support for any file or API response.
  • Run a local script with the latest version of a dependency.
  • Flexible configuration
  • Support for projects in any language.

How it works

ReleaseHawk is a GitHub app that watches all of the GitHub and file dependencies of your project. As soon as they are updated, a new pull request is opened for your review.

After a dependency is downloaded, you can run a local script, in any language, on your project and have the changes incorporated in the pull request.

You tell the bot what to watch by creating a .releasehawk.yml file in your project. ReleaseHawk will pick up changes to your configuration automatically.

Why it's awesome

ReleaseHawk is perfect for dependencies that you use outside of your package manager. Whether that's a GitHub project whose commits you depend on or an open data set you always want up to date, ReleaseHawk has you covered.

Get started

Try out ReleaseHawk in your project and Let a bot handle the chore of checking for updates and creating PRs.

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